Wiz Magazine

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Grass99 started this magazine on Wizard101Central in December of 2012. 

He is the leader and owner of Wiz Magazine.

He is always having fun doing the stuff he loves.

You can find him in game as Wolf BattleCaster.

                         He is also the creator of this site.

Charlie Tuttle

Charlie Tuttle is a staff member.

He is a loyal friend and writer and we are glad to have him on our staff.

You can find him in game as Michael DragonBreeze.

Flash33 is another one of our members.
He is enthusiastic and detailed in his writing.
You can find him in game as Seth ShadowCloud.

Lady Fall
Lady Fall is another staff member.
She is very creative and that shows her great writing skills.
You can find her in game as Scarlet Hawk or as Fallon.